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Bones #2 Bundle

$44.99 USD

Bones #2 Bundle Includes:

- Voodoo Tee 
- Bones "Face Cover" Mask* 

- Bones Reusable Water Bottle 
- Handwritten Note from the band! 
- Digital Download of Bones #2 (one week early!)

*Please note that our "Face Cover" Mask is not meant for medical use. This is a cotton "face cover" to protect from touching your own face with your hands! This will not protect you or from you spreading any virus, disease, or other. 

All items will ship by April 24th.  Anything ordered alongside your item that is labeled pre-order will not begin shipping until your pre-order is sent out.
The digital download of your album will be available on April 17th.

Bones II (Tracklisting)
1. She Don’t Know (Acoustic)
2. Retro  (Acoustic)
3. Bad News (Acoustic)
4. Giving Me Up (Acoustic)
5. Her Side (Acoustic)
6. Older Me (Acoustic)
7. Good Enough  (Acoustic)
8. Go Numb (Acoustic)
9. Lovin You Too Long (Acoustic)