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Jac Vanek

Elder Emo Bracelet

$9.99 USD

Turns out IT WAS NEVER A PHASE.  Not to toot my own horn or anything, but Jac Vanek bracelets were pretty damn iconic in the emo world, and I thought it was time to bring them back for my ELDER emos. This bracelet is for all my emos who rocked extreme side parts, globs of black eyeliner, raccoon tail extensions, and arms full of JV bracelets.  For my emos who’s hobbies included opening up the circle pit at Warped, trying to sneak backstage, and stalking Pete Wentz.  For my emos who communicated exclusively through LiveJournal comments and T-Mail on our Sidekicks.  For my emos who now are now developing chronic back pain and stomach issues, because, you know...aging.  This bracelet is for all of my ELDER EMOS, because no matter how old we get, our hearts will forever live in 2009.
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